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Radde's and Dusky Warbler in Europe 1999

Martin Helin

Finally I have had the time to finish a preliminary summary of the occurrence of Radde's (Phylloscopus schwarzi) and Dusky Warbler (P. fuscatus) in Europe in Autumn 1999.
I warmly thank all EuroBirdnet members whohelped me in gathering the information. All corrections and additions are welcome.
Martin Helin, Finland
 Dusky (P. fuscatus) and Radde's Warbler (P. schwarzi) in Europe Autiumn 1999

This is a preliminary summary of all records of Radde's (Phylloscopus schwarzi) and Dusky Warbler (P. fuscatus) in Europe in Autumn 1999. Both species were recorded in good numbers in: 1999, but the occurrence of Radde's was unprecedented. All records in this article are subject to ratification by each country's respective records committee!

RADDE'S WARBLER (Phylloscopus schwarzi)
A spectacular occurrence in Europe with about 57 individuals recorded between September 24 and October 31.
The first records were from the Fenno-Scandinavia as expected apart from one in Great Britain already in late September. From the October 6th onwards the birds reached also Germany, the Netherlands, Poland (2nd for the country) and more individuals were seen in  Great Britain. Apparently new individuals appeared continuously from the east and the peak was reached around mid month when the first birds were also located in France. One bird also reached Malta on October 23 (2nd for the country).
Remarks about the species' occurrence in Europe (including a phenology histogram of all records) can be found in Dierscke & McAdams (1990).

All records known to me are listed in the table below.

Date(s):Country Location	Details
24-26.9.Sweden  Stora Fjäderägg	1
25.9.	Finland Helsinki Kaisaniemi, S coast   	1
27-28.9.Great Britain   Brownsman, Farne Islands, 	1
29. 9.	Finland Mustasaari Västra Norrskär, W coast	1 ringed
1.10.	Sweden  Häradsskär, Östergötland       	1
2.10.	Norway  Heigrestad Eigersund, Rogaland  	1
4.10.	Finland Hanko Notholmsviken, S coast   	1
4.10.	Estonia  Sorve Obsy.	1 ringed
5.10.	Sweden  Ås vandrarhem, Ottenby 	1
6.10.	Finland Hanko Tulliniemi bird observatory, S coast     	1
6.10.	Germany Heligoland     	1
6.10.	The Netherlands 'Groene Glob', Schiermonnikoog 1 caught
6.10.	Great Britain   Tresco, Isles of Scilly	1
6-9.10.	Great Britain   St. Agnes, Isles of Scilly     	1
7.10.	Norway  Utsira Rogaland	1 ringed
7.10.	Denmark Christiansø, Bornholm  	1
7.10.	Poland  Bukowo-Kopan (GN), near Darlowo 	1 ringed
7.10.	Great Britain   Tresco, Isles of Scilly	1
8.10.	Great Britain   St. Agnes, Isles of Scilly     	1
8.10.	Finland Lemland Lågskär bird observatory, Åland	1 ringed
8.10.	Germany Drueber, Lower Saxony  	1
8.10.	The Netherlands 'Korverskooi', Texel 	1 ringed
9. 10.	Finland Kirkkonummi Rönnskär Obsy., S coast 	1 ringed
9. 10.	Finland Hanko Tulliniemi Obsy., S coast	1 ringed
9. 10.	Great Britain Cornwall	1
9. 10.	Sweden  Falsterbo	1
10. 10.	Denmark Hanstholm Fyr,Nordjylland	1 ringed
11.10.	Great Britain   Tresco, Isles of Scilly	1
12.10.	Great Britain   Portland (Dorset)      	1
13.10.	France  Cap Gris Nez, Pas de Calais 	1 very probable
13.10.	Great Britain   Birling Gap (E. Sussex)	1
14.10.	France  Oléron Island, Charante Maritime 1 very probable
14.10.	Great Britain   Portland (Dorset)      	1 ringed
14.10.	Great Britain   St. Margaret's-at-Cliffe (Kent)	1
15.10.	Great Britain   St. Agnes, Isles of Scilly     	1
15.10.	Great Britain   Rosevear Island, Isles of Scilly       	1
15-16.10.Great Britain   St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly	6
16.10.	Belgium Korbeek-Lo, Brabant    	1 ringed
16.10.	Great Britain   Wells Woods (Norfolk)  	1
16-17.10.Great Britain   Flamborough Head (E. Yorks)    	1
16-17.10.Great Britain   Stiffkey (Norfolk)     	1
17.10.	Belgium Oost-Vlaanderen      	1 caught
17.10.	Great Britain   St. Martin's, Isles of Scilly  	1
17.10.	Great Britain   St. Margaret's-at-Cliffe (Kent)	1
17-18.10.Great Britain   Newbiggin (Northumberland)     	1
19. 10.	Sweden  Visby, Gotland 	1
20.10.	Great Britain   Durlston CP (Dorset)   	1
23.10.	Great Britain   Marsden Quarry (Tyneside)      	1
23.10.	Malta   Island of Gozo 	1 ringed
24.10.	Great Britain   Whalsay (Shetland)     	1
24-26.10.France  Ouessant island (W France)     	1
27-28.10.France  La Turballe, Loire-Atlantique  	1
27.10.	Great Britain   St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly    	1
31.10.	Belgium Oostduinkerke, West Flanders   	1

*There is only one previous record for Radde's Warbler from Malta.  One was trapped and ringed at Ghadira on 6 November: 1990.
*The Polish record is the 2nd for the country.
*There was only 10 previous records from Finland accepted by the Finnish RC until: 1998. Thus, the seven (!) records in the above table is an unprecedented influx.
* First record for Estonia

 DUSKY WARBLER (Phylloscopus fuscatus)
The first (as many times before) sneaked through Fennoscandia undetected to Great Britain in late September. In the first half of October birds were also found in Fenno-Scandinavia (and Poland) (also one already in France on 3 October). After mid month birds more birds had reached Belgium, France and Great Britain. New individuals seemed to arrive through the month. The peak in Great Britain was in late October.

All records (of about 39 individuals) known to me are listed in the table below.

21.9.	Great Britain   North Ronaldsay, Orkney	
27.9.	Great Britain   Rattray Head, Aberdeenshire    	1
3.10.	France  Mardycxk?, Dunkerque (Nord)    	1
4.10.	Finland Pori Tahkoluoto (W coast)      	1
4.10.	Norway  Revtangen, Klepp, Rogaland     	1 ringed
6.10.	Finland Uusikaupunki Vekara (W coast)  	1
6.10.	Finland Kristiinankaupunki Domarkobben (W coast)       	2
6.10.	Norway  Turoy, Fjell, Hordaland	1 ringed
7-8.10.	Poland  Bukowo-Kopan (GN)      	1 ringed
8-10.10.Norway  Utsira, Rogaland       	1
9. 10.	Norway  Hodne, Klepp, Rogaland 	1 ringed
10. 10.	Sweden  Landsort bird observatory, Södermanland	1 ringed
15-17.10.Great Britain   Wells Woods (Norfolk)  	1
16.10.	Belgium Semmerzake, Oost-Vlaanderen    	1 ringed
16.10.	Belgium Berendrecht    	1 ringed
17.10.	France  Sein Island, Finistère (W France)      	1
17-18.10.France  Cap Gris Nez, Audinghen, Pas de Calais 	1
17-20.10.Norway  Turoy, Fjell, Hordaland	1 ringed
18.10.	Sweden  Triberga, Öland	1
18.10.	Norway  Lista fyr, Farsund, Vest-Agder 	1 ringed
18.10.	Great Britain   Farne Islands (Northumberland) 	1
18.10.	France  Sein Island, Finistere 	1
20.10.	Finland Lemland Lågskär bird observatory, Åland	1
20.10.	Great Britain   Ventnor (Isle of Wight)	1
20-28.10.France  Ouessant Island (W France)     	1
21.10.	Great Britain   St. Mary's Island Wetland 	1
22.10.	Great Britain   the Naze (Essex)       	1
22.10.	The Netherlands 'Dorpszicht', De Cocksdorp, Texel      	1
22-23.10.Great Britain   Corton (Suffolk)       	1
22-25.10.Norway  Hellesöy, Øygarden, Hordaland  	1
22-27.10.France  Ouessant       	1
24.10.	Sweden  Stenungsund, Bohuslän  	1 ringed
24.10.	Great Britain   Stronsay (Orkney)      	1
26-28.10.Great Britain   Locke Park (Redcar)    	1
27.10.	Great Britain   Nanjizal (Cornwall)    	1
28.10.	Belgium Zeebrugge      	1
2.11.	Dungeness Obsy.	1
3.11.	The Netherlands Westkapelle, Zeeland	1
4.11.	Dungeness Obsy.	1 trapped
6. - 9.11.Dungeness Obsy.	1
6.11.	Dungeness Obsy.	1
6.11.	France  Ouessant Island (W France)	1

*There are 51 individuals accepted from Finland until: 1998. The five records above is not that unusual.

The information about the autumn: 1999 records were collected from the following sources:

*Birding World: 12 (9): 357 &: 12(10):396, 401-405
* The Finnish Pager system ("Lintutiedotus")
*EuroBirdnet mailing list
*Private e-mail messages from several EuroBirdnet members

Dierschke, J. & D.G. McAdams (1990): Zwei Nachweise des Bartlaubsängers Phylloscopus schwarzi auf Helgoland. Limicola 4: 73-77.

Martin Helin
Antreantie: 10 C
FI-02140 Espoo
E-mail: martin.helin@rissasolutions.com

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