I last edited the original Proact Iceland pages on Friday 15th June before going away for the weekend. On returning home on Sunday evening I was greeted with mails to inform me that the URLcould not be opened. I have been informed by Tripod that I have abused the terms of contract (spamming, pornography or offensive material)! I have appealed against this but a reply will take some time. Obviously someone has complained - who it is I will never know. At present the only two protest themes on the site are Malta and Iceland - Slovakia is elsewhere. I leave it to your imagination as to who dislikes me/us most.

David Conlin 18. June 2001

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The value and development of this site is up to you - Eurobirders and other strivers for conservation of our environment. Even if improvements are difficult to achieve we can at least try to prevent further deterioration through human actions and influence. The idea for this page came to me as a result of the relative success of the E-mail protest against the Ebner Declaration (see 'Petitions and Campaigns' on 'Birding in Europe - Main' link.)

It appears there are many birders, and others, across Europe and elsewhere, who are happier making a personal protest in parallel to those driven by the large conservation organisation and their allies. It's worth a try anyway!

I rely on local and regional concerned organisations or individuals to submit details of the problem with contact details of those responsible in government or industry. Draft texts (in English please - additional texts in local languages are also welcome) should also be submitted where possible. Where desired I will help with English formulation, spelling and syntax.

I reserve the right to refuse publication of offensive, criminal or politically incorrect submissions.

From experience I can just manage 2 campaigns at a time. Forwarding of chain-letters and adding signatures to long circulated lists have their place in the protest chain - but not here. PROACT campaigns are personal, rely on up-to-date information from those closest to the problem and provide regular feedback on developments.

Contact Mail Address

David at Proact

Please use only this mail address for the time being!