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Stölln and the Rhinluch

The Otto Lilienthal Community in Stölln

Stölln has become well-known not only because of Otto Lilienthal, the German flight pioneer, who undertook his trials and test flights from the Gollenberg; but due to its remarkable Registrar's office in a Ilyushin 62 aircraft of the former Interflug airline. This aircraft, named 'Lady Agnes', also houses a small Lilienthal Museum.

'Lady Agnes'

Stölln & Environs

Stölln lies in the West of Brandenburg Province at the foot of the Rhinow hills. Immediately to the North lies the Rhinluch; much of which is nature reserve and an important wetland area for thousands of wildfowl and Siberian geese in winter and a staging area for waders in summer. The White-tailed Eagle, the German Bird of the Year 2000, the Red Kite and the Great Bustard can be seen locally.

The Stölln Hills

As His Majesty [King Friedrich II of Prussia] descended from the coach, he demanded a telescope and surveyed the whole area: "Well, well" he said, "that's not what I epected at all. It's delightful...is the River Elbe far from here?"

(Theodor Fontane, Travels through the Mark Brandenburg, The County Ruppin)

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