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Podiceps cristatus

Vogel des Jahres / German Bird of the Year 2001

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from Wim Vader

BIRD NEWS FROM NORWAY 01.09. - 04.11.2000 (ALT/OLD)

from Morten Günther

Morten Gunter's Website


My home town of Tromsø, at 69*50'N in northern Norway, has had an amazingly beautiful, calm, and dry autumn, while large parts of western Europe (worst of all in England) and also southern Norway have suffered from one rainstorm after another, with disastrous floodings as a result. Up here,precipitation has been less than one third of the normal the last months, and even now, 19 November, there is still no snow on the ground. Today once more the skies are clear light blue, and the easterly winds very weak,at temperatures a few degrees below freezing. Roads and lawns are white with heavy hoar-frost, and in the Folkeparken the tall clumps of ferns have turned a dull dark rusty brown, once more islands on the frosty white forest floor.

But autumn is inexorably turning into winter, in spite of the wonderful weather, and every day is about ten minutes shorter than the day before.Today the sun peeped over the southern horizon, above the Balsfjord for half an hour or so, and in a few days "Mørketiden", the Dark Period, will have arrived, and it will be two months, in late January, before we again can see the sun (otherwise than in the form of spectacular cloudscapes in the southern skies, illuminated by the sun in all kinds of coppery sheens). Twilight now arrives as early as 1 pm, and the last few days I have been unable to walk home through the forest at 4 30 or so, as it was completely impossible to see the path. (Usually by this time of the autumn we have snow on the ground, and this reflects so much light, that one can walk a lot everywhere with care, if you don't mind a few tumbles) In the morning there is enough twilight still to walk through the birch forest and fir plantations of Folkeparken, and it is a pleasant walk always, although there are few birds around and the birchwood is mostly silent.

Magpies (Elster) and Hooded Crows (Nebelkraehe) I see and hear every day, and most days a few gruff cries reveal the presence of Great Black-backed Gulls (Mantelmöwe) overhead, but otherwise I must hope for a small flock of titmouse (The Long-tailed Tits (Schwanzmeise) seem to have disappeared again, after the large invasion earlier this autumn), often with accompanying Goldcrests (Wintergoldhähnchen --- many of those around this year.Yesterday I watched such a flock in the firs, and suddenly realized that I heard only the tits and not the Goldcrests (Wintergoldhähnchen) at all! Ominous that, as much of my birding consists of finding birds that I have heard first. But the very high-pitched contact calls of the Goldcrests (Wintergoldhähnchen) are clearly, and sadly, no longer audible to me. Sic transit! Fortunately the Goldcrests (Wintergoldhaehnchen) are almost oblivious to the presence of a quiet elderly gent with field-glasses, so it is still easy enough to admire this King of the Birds: in Norwegian this species, and not the Winter Wren (Zaunkoenig) as in Holland, is the Fuglekonge, and in defence of this choice the people point to it's still wearing the crown he earned when he hid himself among the feathers of the Golden Eagle (Steinadler), and so cheated himself to first prize in the high-flying competition to decide who was to be the king of the birds. Personally I think the Winter Wren (Zaunkoenig) has the better personality for this honour, but who am I to judge; the Americans also call the Regulus (=Little King) species Kinglets.

My feeder attracts the same species as there are on the Folkeparken,not surprisingly as this is very close; but there are more Greenfinches (Gruenfink) in suburbia, and the quiet Bullfinches (Gimpel) are easier to watch. In addition a single Feral Pigeon (Haustaube) has discovered the bonanza of sun-flower seeds and returns day after day.

A long walk along the shores of our sound yesterday yielded nothing new, only all the usual and welcome suspects of winter birding here; the first King Eiders (Prachteiderente) had now arrived, though. About half way to the airport Hooded Crows (Nebelkraehe) gathered on the shore from all points of the compass, in pairs as usual for these monogamous and long-lived resident birds. When there were some 60 birds present, they all flew up in a loose flock, across the 1 mile broad sound to the island of Kvaløya. It looked for all the world like a well-arranged Saturday outing: "let's meet at 1 pm near the shore at the 'Ecological area' , and then all fly to Kvaløya to....." I have not enough knowledge or fantasy to fill in the last part. They were too quiet for a sports-fan crowd, and it seems too early for the preparations for a common overnight roosting spot. I'll be most grateful for suggestions, serious or otherwise. On the way back home I suddenly heard 'chakking ', and four late Fieldfares (Wacholderdrossel) burst out of a garden, where they must have found some berries.As the Mountain Ash Sorbus crop was dismal here this year, most of the thrushes (Drossel)left more than a month ago. Few birds also this time, but that is the way it is here in winter, and seasonal descriptions without autumn and winter would give a most incomplete picture. Happy birding, all you who now have the birds around you!

Wim Vader, Tromsø Museum 9037 Tromsø, Norway

01.09.2000 - 04.11.2000

Great Northern Diver (Eistaucher) (Gavia immer) ISLOM
15.09.2000 1 1y Røst, Nordland 17.09.2000 1 ind. Kistrand, Porsanger, Finnmark 24.09.2000 1 ind. Mølen, Larvik, Vestfold 30.09.2000 2 ind. Slettnes, Gamvik, Finnmark 05.10.2000 1 ind. Utsira, Rogaland 07.10.2000 2 ind. Storfosna, Ørland, Sør-Trøndelag 24.10.2000 1 ind. Mølen, Larvik, Vestfold 26.10.2000 2 ind. Lista fyr, Farsund, Vest-Agder 26.10.2000 2 ind. Revekaia, Klepp, Rogaland 31.10.2000 6 ind. Lista fyr, Farsund, Vest-Agder 01.11.2000 1 ind. Huk, Oslo, Akershus 01.11.2000 1 ind. Landfastodden, Hvaler, Østfold

Yellow-billed Diver (Gelbschnabeltaucher) (Gavia adamsii) GULNEBBLOM
10.09.2000 1 ind. Male, Fræna, Møre og Romsdal 16.09.2000 1 ind. Lista fyr, Farsund, Vest-Agder 21.09.2000 2 ind. Hiskjo, Bømlo, Hordaland 30.09.2000 20 ind. Slettnes, Gamvik, Finnmark 02.10.2000 2 ind. Ona, Sandøy, Møre og Romsdal 03.10.2000 1 ind. Ona, Sandøy, Møre og Romsdal 04.10.2000 1 juv. Lista fyr, Farsund, Vest-Agder 08.10.2000 7 ind. Ona, Sandøy, Møre og Romsdal 26.10.2000 1 ad. Revekaia, Klepp, Rogaland

Pied-billed Grebe (Bindentaucher) (Podilymbus podiceps) RINGNEBBDYKKER
07.05.-01.10.2000 1 ind. Herøy, Nordland

Cory's Shearwater (Gelbschnabel-Sturmtaucher) (Calonectris diomedea) GULNEBBLIRE
08.09.2000 1 ind. Lindesnes, Vest-Agder 15.09.2000 1 ind. Jomfruland, Kragerø, Telemark

Mediterranean Shearwater (Mittelmeer-Sturmtaucher) (Puffinus yelkouan) MIDDELHAVSLIRE
08.09.2000 1 ind. Håtangen, Hå, Rogaland

Sooty Shearwater (Dunkler Sturmtaucher) (Puffinus griseus) GRÅLIRE
07.09.2000 3 ind. Nærlandsstranda, Hå, Rogaland 08.09.2000 6 ind. Håtangen, Hå, Rogaland 08.09.2000 38 ind. Utsira, Rogaland 08.09.2000 65 ind. Røvær, Haugesund, Rogaland 08.09.2000 3 ind. Kvilhaug, Karmøy, Rogaland 09.09.2000 5 ind. Håtangen, Hå, Rogaland 09.09.2000 9 ind. Revesvingen, Klepp, Rogaland 09.09.2000 79 ind. Skogsøy, Øygarden, Hordaland 09.09.2000 1 ind. Titran, Frøya, Sør-Trøndelag 09.09.2000 1 ind. Store Færder, Tjøme, Vestfold 09.09.2000 1 ind. Lista fyr, Farsund, Vest-Agder 09.09.2000 456 ind. Utsira, Rogaland 09.09.2000 45 ind. Røvær, Haugesund, Rogaland 10.09.2000 85 ind. Male, Fræna, Møre og Romsdal 10.09.2000 63 ind. Utsira, Rogaland 10.09.2000 50 ind. Titran, Frøya, Sør-Trøndelag 15.09.2000 1 ind. Jomfruland, Kragerø, Telemark 21.09.2000 1 ind. Lista fyr, Farsund, Vest-Agder 23.09.2000 1 ind. Jomfruland, Kragerø, Telemark 01.10.2000 3 ind. Gjæsingen, Frøya, Sør-Trøndelag 04.10.2000 1 ind. Lista fyr, Farsund, Vest-Agder 06.10.2000 1 ind. Utsira, Rogaland 08.10.2000 7 ind. Ona, Sandøy, Møre og Romsdal 31.10.2000 1 ind. Asmaløy, Hvaler, Østfold

Little Bittern (Zwergdommel) (Ixobrychus minutus) DVERGRØRDRUM
12.-14.09.2000 1 1y Leksosen, Stjørdal, Nord-Trøndelag

Great Bittern (Rohrdommel) (Botaurus stellaris) RØRDRUM
10.07.-05.09.2000 1 ind. Borrevannet, Borre, Vestfold

Eurasian Spoonbill (Loeffler) (Platalea leucorodia) SKJESTORK
18.08.2000 1 ind. Frekasundet, Tysvær, Rogaland

Tundra Swan (Zwergschwan) (Cygnus columbianus bewickii) DVERGSVANE
27.10.2000 1 ad. Sandebukta, Sande, Vestfold 02.11.2000 6 ad. Gjølsjøen, Marker, Østfold 04.11.2000 1 ad. Klåstadkilen, Larvik, Vestfold

Snow Goose (Schneegans) (Anser caerulescens) SNØGÅS
24.-28.09.2000 1-3 ind. Nestvold, Verdal, Nord-Trøndelag 02.10.2000 1 ind. Selbu, Sør-Trøndelag 05.10.2000 1 ind. Stjørdal sentrum, Stjørdal, Nord-Trøndelag 07.-15.10.2000 1 ind. Sandebukta, Sande, Vestfold

Bar-headed Goose (Streifengans) (Anser indicus) STRIPEGÅS
05.09.2000 1 ind. Orreosen, Klepp, Rogaland 16.09.2000 1 ind. Linnesstranda, Lier, Buskerud 20.09.2000 1 ind. Gaulosen, Melhus, Sør-Trøndelag 22.09.-03.10.2000 1 ind. Nestvold, Verdal, Nord-Trøndelag 10.10.2000 1 ind. Eidsbotn, Levanger, Nord-Trøndelag 15.10.-02.11.2000 1 ind. Nordre Tyrifjorden, Ringerike, Buskerud 20.-21.10.2000 1 ind. Leksosen, Stjørdal, Nord-Trøndelag

White-fronted Goose (Blaessgans) (Anser albifrons flavirostris) TUNDRAGÅS
14.09.2000 2 ind. Røst, Nordland 17.09.2000 8 ind. Øra, Fredrikstad, Østfold 07.-15.10.2000 5 ind. Ilene, Tønsberg, Vestfold 01.11.2000 1 ind. Fåvang, Ringebu, Oppland

Lesser White-fronted Goose (Zwerggans) (Anser erythropus) DVERGGÅS
27.10.2000 1 ind. Makkevika, Giske, Møre og Romsdal

Red-breasted Goose (Rothalsgans) (Branta ruficollis) RØDHALSGÅS
14.09.2000 1 ind. Røst, Nordland

Mandarin Duck (Mandarinente) (Aix galericulata) MANDARINAND
13.09.2000 3 ind. Røst, Nordland 16.09.2000 1 F Kråkenesvannet, Farsund, Vest-Agder

American Wigeon (Nordamerikanische Pfeifente) (Anas americana) AMERIKABLESAND
14.09.2000 1 M Søylandsvannet, Hå, Rogaland

Surf Scoter (Brillenente) (Melanitta perspicillata) BRILLEAND
26.10.2000 1 M Lomsesanden, Farsund, Vest-Agder

Common Eider (Eiderente) (Somateria mollissima) ÆRFUGL
28.-29.10.2000 1 M 4 F Lågendeltaet, Lillehammer, Oppland (inland)

King Eider (Prachteiderente) (Somateria spectabilis) PRAKTÆRFUGL
22.07.-28.10.2000 1 M Herdla, Askøy, Hordaland 03.09.2000 1 M Fauske, Nordland 30.09.-14.10.2000 1 F Nesna, Nesna, Nordland 07.-09.10.2000 1 ind. Saltstraumen, Bodø, Nordland

Smew (Zwergsaeger) (Mergus albellus) LAPPFISKAND
22.10.2000 1 F Kvitblikkvann, Fauske, Nordland 24.10.2000 1 1y Selbu camping, Selbu, Sør-Trøndelag 27.10.2000 1 F Skrukkebuktvannet, Sør-Varanger, Finnmark 27.10.2000 1 ind. Ilene, Tønsberg, Vestfold 29.10.2000 1 F Leksdalsvatnet, Steinkjer, Nord-Trøndelag

Hooded Merganser (Kappensaeger) (Mergus cucullatus) HJELMFISKAND
11.09.-23.10.2000 1 M Selbu, Sør-Trøndelag

Ruddy Duck (Schwarzkopf-Ruderente) (Oxyura jamaicensis) STIVHALEAND
14.09.2000 1 F Orrevannet, Klepp, Rogaland 20.-29.10.2000 1 M Lågendeltaet, Lillehammer, Oppland

Red Kite (Rotmilan) (Milvus milvus) GLENTE
02.09.2000 1 ad. Larvik, Vestfold

Lesser Spotted Eagle (Schreiadler) (Aquila pomarina) SMÅSKRIKØRN
23.09.2000 1 ad. Jomfruland, Kragerø, Telemark

Booted Eagle (Zwergadler) (Hieraaetus pennatus) DVERGØRN
05.09.2000 1 ad. Mølen, Larvik, Vestfold 22.09.2000 1 ind. Mønstyermyr, Flekkefjord, Vest-Agder

Montagu's Harrier (Wiesenweihe) (Circus pygargus) ENGHAUK
25.-26.09.2000 1 1y Mønstermyr, Flekkefjord, Vest-Agder

White-tailed Eagle (Seeadler) (Haliaetus albicilla) HAVØRN
10.08.2000 3 ad. Kvikneskogen, Tynset, Hedmark 26.09.2000 1 ind. Jomfruland, Kragerø, Telemark 24.10.2000 2 ind. Mølen, Larvik, Vestfold

Common Buzzard (Maeusebussard) (Buteo buteo vulpinus) RUSSEVÅK
25.09.2000 1 ind. Presterødkilen, Tønsberg, Vestfold

Red-footed Falcon (Rotfussfalke) (Falco vespertinus) AFTENFALK
13.09.2000 1 ad M Gjennestadvannet, Stokke, Vestfold 15.09.2000 1 ad F Mølen, Larvik, Vestfold 21.09.2000 1 ad M Jomfruland, Kragerø, Telemark 23.09.2000 1 ad M Presterødkilen, Tønsberg, Vestfold 24.09.2000 1 ad M Lista, Farsund, Vest-Agder 25.09.2000 1 juv Øra, Fredrikstad, Østfold 06.10.2000 1 juv Homstad, Overalla, Nord-Trøndelag 10.10.2000 1 ad M Braut planteskole, Klepp, Rogaland medio 10.2000 1 ad M between Hopen and Bjørnøya, Svalbard 14.10.2000 1 juv Øra, Fredrikstad, Østfold 07.-15.10.2000 1 juv Kviljo, Farsund, Vest-Agder

Grey Partridge (Rebhuhn) (Perix perdix) RAPPHØNE
12.09.2000 1 ad pull Vestvannet, Sarpsborg, Østfold 16.09.2000 1 1y Akerøya, Hvaler, Østfold

Common Quail (Wachtel) (Coturnix coturnix) VAKTEL
13.09.2000 1 ind. Kile, Stokke, Vestfold 19.09.2000 9 ind. Jåbekk, Mandal, Vest-Agder 21.-25.09.2000 1 ind. Ilene, Tø

Morten Günther
Senior Executive Officer

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